DoneOct 08, 2017 9:20 AM EDT
Marietta, GA, United States
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Opulent October Our October 7th and 8th extravaganza will be without a doubt be the preeminent sale of this year. Having the privilege of previewing these items as we photograph and describe them is a truly incredible experience. To recognize the beauty, the history and the exquisite craftsmanship of these items is unique in of itself. Once again, we have Jade that is cool to the touch, water colors and calligraphy scrolls that are amazing in their detail. Porcelains that remain just as the day that they were pulled from the kilns. Handcrafted furniture that cannot be duplicated using today’s tools or technology. The possibility to accumulate these pieces into your private collection is what this auction is about, these extraordinary valuable treasures, once sold will be added to private collections and may not be seen again for decades. We believe that this auction has items that are uncommon and indeed will enhance any investors or collector's portfolio. A featured item is this extremely rare and unique is the bronze Fourth Apocalypse Horseman of Death, riding on a horse that is decorated with human skulls, a saddle made from what appears to be human remains. The base of the statue is depicted as the river of death. This fourth, pale horse, was the personification of Death with Hades following him jaws open receiving the victims slain by Death. Its commission was to kill with all the four judgements of God — with sword, famine, pestilence and wild beast. The detail on this bronze figure are eerie and surreal as only a true skilled artist or craftsman could create. Gallery President; Mel Delzer
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