DoneFeb 05, 2022 11:01 PM EST
Beijing, China, China
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Get It Now-Reserve Price of Chinese Antiques

Ruyi Auctions has listed the item for preview, which contains Buddhist Art, Porcelain, and Housing Decoration. 1, Ruyi Auctions offers to ship to all over the world and also provides the invoice and the tracking code of the delivery if you need it. 2, The items are from the previous auctions, Some of which may have been sold already. However, the price presented is a reserve price, and you may find something interesting at a reasonable price. 3, If you can accept the price and the time is also available, you can message us with a reserve price and a surprising commission fee. please feel free to contact us if you need any help, message us, or email us:
Auction Curator:
Alex Lee
Specialised in Chinese Antiques
Lot Number: Lowest

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