DoneJul 23, 2021 9:35 PM EDT
Marietta, GA, United States
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For Eden Fine Antiques Gallery we have had the honor and privilege of bringing to auction items from the private collection of General Yu Bindong, the top General for Chiang KaiShek. These items all were unique, historic, and of the highest museum quality, Meeting General Yu?s daughter and Grandson was indeed special in itself, While the decision for them to release these items was a long thought-out process it became apparent for historical preservation that it would be best for other collectors to hold and treasure them as part of their heritage. The legacy of General Yu and his heirs is being passed on. This will be the last opportunity to add to your portfolio items from General Yu private heirloom collection. Along with porcelain collections, that are vastly sought after by museums and private collectors; offered from the fabulous collections that has been consigned to Eden Fine Antiques Gallery from John Gorse of Charleston, SC family private collections, as well as many more lot being offered from other prominent collectors. For those who were fortunate to acquire pieces from previous auctions we want to thank you for your patronage and for being clients of Eden Fine Antiques Gallery. Our mission statement has always been to represent only the highest quality collectable items. General Yu Bindong collections met those criteria, thank you for allowing Eden Fine Antiques Gallery the opportunity to be part of this historical event. Gallery President; Mel Delzer
Lot Number: Lowest

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