DoneJan 03, 2016 6:54 PM EST
Marietta, GA, United States
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Through out the ages art has been created to remind us of the beauty that is in this world. The artist have shared their vision for us to enjoy centuries later. Whether it was created to give us historical data, informative reference or to enhance our daily lives. art is the recorded means that has been so abundantly created too do so. First Day of this 2016 New Year auction EDEN Galleries will be offering High-End Asian Antiques Collections, including Jade pieces from former KMT General Yu PingTung's estates, and much more precious and unique lots. To celebrate upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, we have gone to great length to describe the meaning of the arts, we believe this one will enhance the buying experience for the beginner buyers as well as highly knowledge-able in such high quality arts and antiques. The second day, more than 200 fine arts, oil painting, lithograph, will be offered to add for your investment portfolio. Eden Galleries is proud to offer this fine selection of beautiful oils, prints and lithographs. Many of the oil paintings are signed by the original artist, while the lithographs have been signed and numbered increasing their overall value to the collector. Adding too ones collection is always a worthwhile en-devour and brings a sense of achievement and accomplishment. It is our wish that you find a piece that you will be proud to own, whether it is for investment or enjoyment you can not go wrong with owning a great piece of art. Finding that one piece of art that can be enjoyed by your family and friends is priceless. Happy New Year;
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