DoneJan 13, 2017 9:17 PM EST
Marietta, GA, United States
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The year of the Rooster is often marked by brilliant success for those have endured with patience, generosity, and righteousness to achieve their goals in business and in their life. We celebrate the year of the Rooster which implies luxury, beauty and wealth with our friends around the world. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries is honored and proud to offer General General Chen Qi's 陳淇, (Chen CangQuan 滄泉) heirloom collections including unpublished Qi BaiShi 齊白石 paintings, Fu BaoShi 傅抱石, Zhang DaQian 張大千, and many famous artists, that are vastly sought after by museums and private collectors, as well as his own calligraphy and paintings. Equally important we have amazing oil paintings of the Baron and Baroness painted by the Austrian artist, also 18th C Madonna & Child oil painting, married with gold frame. The allurement and condition of these items is simply amazing, the value to add one of these items into your collection is immeasurable. We at Eden Galleries are honored to inaugurate the Year of the Rooster by presenting this impressive collection to you the public for your buying consideration. For all of our clients, families and and friends we wish you a Happy New Year filled with anticipated success, considerable wealth, exceptional health and most importantly others to share these abundances with. Mel Delzer President Director
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